All Saints Day Guatemala Feast

Traditional Guatemalan feast on All Saints Day

All Saints Day Guatemala Feast

Experience the remembrance of ancestors on All Saints Day Guatemala and the “Day of the Death” during this annual celebration.

First Day – Warm Welcome to Guatemala:

After arriving in Guatemala, drive for the evening to the nearby town of Anguilla, Guatemala. Take a look at the traditions while traveling in Guatemala and Catholics around the world. 

November 1st is “All Saints Day” or “Day of the Dead.” On this holy day, people honor all their saints. All Souls Day is celebrated on November 1st. During this date, families visit the graves of their deceased loved ones and remember them.

Second Day- At Antigua Guatemala: The next morning, you will have a chance to ride in the city. Now, you will appreciate and enjoy Net Cathedrals and ruins of Antigua. And in the afternoon you will discover the countryside with a rented bike or a coffee farm or do a local visit.

Third-Day: On the third day, you can discover the market and see the display of art that is inside the town, and then you could be able to see the collective mural painting that the local artist has done; you will be able to see the cemetery walls decorated with different ancient stories that were inside the history of Guatemala

And then you will be able to walk around and see the town to eat the bread from at the bakeries before leaving.

You can drive up to the shores of interesting Lake Atitlan, which has a deep caldera lake rounded by three volcanoes. 

You can stay in the hotel and explore the town.

Fourth Day – At Lake Atitlan: Now, what you have to do on day four is to practice the lifestyle of the ancient Maya, and you’ll see many people who are dressed in bright colors and woven ancient clothing. On the main street of Santiago are art galleries full of oil paintings and illustrations, a pretty busy market, and the typical life of the highlands; you can explore further.

Gae San Juan La Laguna to Home to Some Artists and Artist Cooperatives. There, you can see a hand-woven natural dyeing process, woven mates made from lake material.

Fifth Day – At Chichicastenango: On this day, you can visit the Chichicastenango market, which is outstanding, and inside, you can see a delightful town surrounded by valleys and shadowed by mountains. It has a big market in it, which brings the locals from throughout the region. 

So, in the morning, they wake up very early they cut their colorful vegetables, fruits, and handicrafts. The market finishes early in the afternoon, and then you can go back to Antigua, Guatemala, in the evening.

Sixth Day – Kite Festival: 

So, on this day, you have to observe Saints Day; in the beginning, you will see that there will be a celebration in Mexico, so what is there in the festival that you know? It is Catholic “All Saints Day”, so let in American countries also. Family and friends pray and commemorate their loved ones. 

This day is famous for the kite festival. Handmade Flying Kite expresses the fantastic art of the locals. Awards are given to the most prolonged and colorful flying kites.

After that, you will return to Antigua, Guatemala.

Seventh Day – Return to Home:

Return to the airport of Guatemala City for your international flight home.

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