Antisemitism in X: IBM stops advertising on Musk’s social network

IBM suspends ads on X after they appeared next to Nazi posts

Antisemitism in X: IBM stops advertising on Musk’s social network

IBM stopped running advertisements on Musk’s social media due to antisemitism in X

IBM stopped advertising on Musk’s social network. The computer giant’s advertisements appeared alongside posts approving Hitler and the Nazi Party, and Musk’s support of an antisemitic post-scandal prompted the decision. The company declared: “We have zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination.”

IBM Statement against Elon Musk’s X

The backlash concerning Elon Musk’s endorsement of an antisemitic post is beginning to wear thin on the billionaire businessman.

Following the responses, Market Watch reported that computer giant IBM suddenly stopped advertising on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). “IBM has zero tolerance for hate speech and discrimination, and we have immediately halted spending on all X advertising while we investigate this unacceptable situation,” the business stated. 

Financial Times Story

The decision was made as a reaction to a Financial Times story published on Thursday, which claimed that: IBM advertisements had been seen on the platform next to content recommending Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Research firm MediaMatters’ analysis additionally turned up articles from Apple, Oracle, Comcast, and Bravo that were close to pro-Nazi material. 

Musk’s Views of Jews

Musk previously generated disagreement by endorsing a post on the platform that backed the conspiracy theory of spreading racism. Which holds that Jews “hate” White people. Musk replied, “You told the truth,” to the post.

In another post, he fueled the flames by saying the situation is “super complicated”. And that white people are “not allowed to be proud of their race.”

An additional charge was made by Musk. It was that the ADL was conducting “unfair attacks against much of the West, even though most of the West supports Jews and Israel.” 

Impact on Tesla

Musk’s other companies may suffer as a result of the disputed remarks. For instance, Ross Gerber, a financial advisor, claimed to have been bombarded with messages from clients who wished to sell their Tesla shares. He said in a CNBC interview, “His behavior is outrageous, and he’s damaging the brand.”

He claimed Musk had disregarded his obligations to the manufacturer of electric vehicles. “What matters most is Twitter—how many people he can irritate and what he can tweet.

In ten years, will Tesla still be able to fulfill its mission? if its CEO can no longer able to carry out its duties as CEO? Since he is undoubtedly not behaving in the manner of the CEO of Tesla.” 

When it comes to IBM’s decision, X CEO Linda Yacarino stated in an argument:

“We are very clear about our efforts to combat discrimination and hatred for Jews. This is ugly and wrong and has no place in the world. Exactly.” 

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