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Biden Approves the arms sales to Israel to Continue Genocide of Palestinians.

US President Joe Biden Approves More Arms Sales to Israel on Perfect Basis. The Biden administration did not even seek congressional approval to sell weapons to Israel. Biden Approves the arms sales to Israel to Continue Genocide of Palestinians.

US is More Concerned about their filthy Sales

The Biden administration approved the sale of more than $47 million worth of ammunition and other goods to Israel on the basis of an emergency.

The ammunition being sold by the Biden administration for use in the bombing of Palestinians since October 7 was initially estimated at $96 million worth of weapons, which has now been increased to include tank shells. The sale is part of President Joe Biden’s $110.5 billion request to approve funding for Ukraine and Israel.

Secret Sale Agenda Revealed

The Biden administration’s request has raised concerns about U.S. preparedness for a war that has killed thousands of civilians, a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity and former Department of Defense spokesman Josh Paul told the cemetery agency. The US State Department told Reuters that despite objections to the use of the analogy from human rights advocates to the use of US weapons in the Middle East conflict, the US State Department is urging congressional committees to quickly approve the sale.

US is Helping Genocide

This action on the part of the United States has come at a time when Israel has announced that it will continue the war against the Palestinians for a long time, according to foreign media, on the basis of this suspicion.
Earlier this month, Israel was also approved to sell 14,000 anti-tank shells to Israel.

Israel has already shed the blood of thousands of Palestinians, including women and children, in the same war, while medical facilities have also disappeared.

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