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Jaysh al-Dhulm Terrorist Group’s Bases in Pakistan Hit by Missiles, Drones

On Tuesday, major bases of the terrorist organization Jaysh al-Dhulm (Jeysh al-Adl) terrorist group bases in Pakistan were destroyed. TEHRAN – (Tasnim): With precision missile and drone attacks, two major bases of the terrorist organization Jaysh al-Dhulm (Jeysh al-Adl) in Pakistan have been destroyed.

Unprovoked Violation of Airspace

Two kids were killed in attacks that Pakistan claims were an “unprovoked violation” of its airspace, adding to the instability in the region triggered by the Israel-Gaza conflict.

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In the most recent sign of a wave of violence spreading throughout the Middle East and beyond, Iran started airstrikes on Pakistani territory, reportedly targeting a Sunni militant organization.

These bases have been specifically targeted and successfully demolished by a combination of drone and missile attacks, according to reports obtained by the Tasnim news agency.

The Targeted Location in Pakistan:

The central location of this operation was the area in Pakistan’s Balochistan province known as Kouh-Sabz, or “green mountain,” which is one of the main meeting points for militants connected with Jeysh al-Dhulm.

Iran Hits Pakistan 2024:

The foreign ministry of Pakistan demanded Tehran’s senior diplomat be summoned to Islamabad in protest of the “unprovoked violation of our airspace,” claiming that two children had been killed and three others injured in what it described as an “illegal” airstrike. 

The ministry took additional information about the strikes, but Pakistani social media accounts claimed that drone and missile attacks had targeted the province of Balochistan, which is located 1,000 kilometers from the border between the two nations.

The strikes were reportedly targeted at the headquarters of the Sunni militant organization Jaish al-Adl in Iran, but states of the attack vanished from Iranian media very fast. 

Due in large part to the actions of militant groups in the border region, including Baloch separatists, relations between Iran and Pakistan have always been tense. But this would represent a major surge in the neighbor’s nuclear-armed territory.

Less than a day had passed since the Iranian missile attacks in Syria and Iraq. These strikes were part of a series of revenge against Tehran’s enemies following a double suicide bombing in Kerman, Iran, on January 3 which claimed the lives of over 80 Iranians. The Islamic State (IS) asserted ownership of the assault. Is it not clear from Tehran’s perspective that Jaish al-Adl is also involved, or was it merely pursuing war on enemies to satisfy domestic demands for retaliation?

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