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According to Hamas, the international community should pay attention to the destruction in Palestine brought about by Israel’s military actions.

Hamas invited Elon Musk to visit the ‘Gaza Strip’ and witness the extent of the destruction brought about by Israel’s bombardments, but the tech billionaire declined, saying that it was “dangerous there right now.”

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The day earlier, he had gone to a kibbutz that Hamas attackers had targeted during an attack in southern Israel on October 7, and he had vowed to do anything it took to stop the hatred from spreading.

At a press briefing in Beirut, Hamdan stated, “We invite him to visit Gaza to see the extent of the massacres and destruction committed against the people of Gaza, in compliance with the standards of objectivity and credibility.”

“Israel dropped over 40,000 tonnes of explosives on the homes of defenseless Gazans in less than 50 days,” the official maintained.

Recent criticism of Musk’s social media platform has focused on the abundance of anti-Semitic and white nationalism that promotes violence and hatred.

Musk expressed shock at seeing the crushed kibbutz of Kfar Aza during his visit to Israel, stating that Israel had “no choice” but to destroy Hamas.

In an enormous change from his earlier thought that he could supply Starlink to improve communications in Gaza amid multiple telecommunications power cuts, he also performed an agreement that stated that “Starlink satellite units [would] only be operated in Israel with the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Communications, including the Gaza Strip.”

In addition, the Hamas official demanded that the global community move swiftly to dispatch specialized civil defense teams to assist in the retrieval of thousands of bodies from under the ruins and that the United States “review [its] relationship with Israel and stop supplying them with weapons.”


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