Hezbollah steps back from all-out war on Israel over Gaza – for now

Hezbollah Israel Gaza war

Hezbollah steps back from all-out war on Israel over Gaza – for now

The leader of Hezbollah took his time reacting to the bloodshed that took place over the previous month and transformed the Middle East into a volatile region. Hezbollah steps back from all-out war on Israel over Gaza – for now.

Furthermore, Hassan Nasrallah’s quietness was just as important as his words.

No full-scale war declaration was made against Israel. Not right now, anyway.

In Lebanon, only some were expecting one.

Nasrallah is aware that this nation is not particularly interested in starting another conflict with its powerful neighbor. 2006 saw the most recent one.

With their broken political system and a fractured economy, Lebanese citizens already face enough challenges as well.

That, combined with the two US fighter planes that recently made their approach to the eastern Mediterranean, is a significant deterrent.

Thousands of people attended the divided rally, and Hassan Nasrallah spoke to them via video link from an undisclosed location.

Not just the people who supported him were glued to his every word. In Washington and Tel Aviv, listening to his speech was mandatory. Right now, what Hezbollah is doing or not doing could be very important.

Nasrallah’s Speech

Declaring that “all options are open,” the supreme leader of Hezbollah also noted that “the situation could escalate militarily at any time.”

He stated that it was going to be conditioned upon Israel’s conduct in Gaza and its policy toward Lebanon.

The Israeli army has been forced to reallocate military personnel to the region as a result of Hezbollah’s expanding cross-border attacks against Israel.

However, Hamas expects more from its partner.

The energetic priest occasionally seemed almost defensive when discussing the actions of his fighters thus far.

Hezbollah on Israel

“What’s taking place on our front is very important and significant,” he stated.

“Some who argue that Hezbollah ought to launch an immediate, full-scale conflict with the enemy may consider the events occurring at the border as insignificant. However, an objective look will reveal that it is sizable.”

He claimed that in the last few weeks, 57 Hezbollah fighters had died.

As expected, he left the door open to allow things to get worse.

“I assure you this will not be the end,” he continued, “this will not be sufficient.”

The attacks that occurred on October 7th, according to Hassan Nasrallah, were a “100% Palestinian operation” that was carried out in extreme secrecy and kept hidden even from Hamas’s own

It may seem like a strategic event that Hezbollah took. Also, read this: recently, Russia gifted Hezbollah with missiles.

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