How to get Google Adsense approval without writing a blog post

Adsense approval

 Google AdSense is the first and best platform for bloggers to earn and monetize their blogs. Getting AdSense approval without publishing enough content requires a comprehensive understanding of the approval process and the requirements. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be on your way to monetizing your website through AdSense in no time. Here are tips to get AdSense approved fast.

1. Get the Fundamentals Right

If you apply for AdSense, you must ensure your website meets specific criteria. First of all, your website should have a defined niche and provide value to its users. It should have helpful content, a user-friendly design, and be easily navigable.

2. Structure of the website

A well-structured website allows Google to understand its purpose, making it easier for AI algorithms to analyze the content and evaluate whether it meets AdSense standards. A clear and concise website structure helps users to visit the website easily. It leads them to the relevant pages and information. The result enhances the user experience and increases the time on site.

  • Navigational Pages on the Website

To create a good website structure, you should use categories that reflect the explicit purpose of your website. Logically organized menu items such as essential pages like “About Us” or “Privacy” are at the top of the navigation. Use subcategories to break topics into more specific areas so users can quickly find what they want.

  • Internal and External Links

Internal links to related articles are also beneficial because they provide readers with more information on a specific topic. External links can also be helpful as long as they are credible sources of information. By developing a solid website structure, you can increase your chances of AdSense approval while improving your user experience.

3. Avoid common problems:

 Broken links or redirects to irrelevant pages can affect your site’s usability rating and reduce your chances of AdSense’s approval. Ensure all links work correctly and visitors can easily find what they want.

4. Quality and Format of Content:

1. Content quality

 High quality is crucial for Google AdSense approval because it reflects the value your website provides to users and contributes to its credibility. Your content should provide value to readers and should be original, informative, and engaging. Duplicate content, excessive disclaimers, and thin content can negatively impact your chances of being approved by AdSense.

    2. Write Original Content

You should create well-researched, original, engaging content to establish good quality content on your website. Publish at least three to four articles in each category. Distribute the articles evenly among the categories and make sure that each article contains at least 1,000 words. Use relevant internal and external links in your content to convey credibility and valuable information. You should also create content based on your knowledge, research, and what the top-rated articles offer.

5. Submit Posts to Google Search Console

When you publish your content consistently, Google receives the signals and starts indexing. Initially, submit your posts to Google Search Console to ensure that Google crawls and indexes your content. You can monitor and Optimize your website with the help of GSC.

6. The website Should Be Six Months Old.

It is generally recommended to have a website age of at least six months. At the same time, Google does not define a statement of a minimum age requirement for websites to be applied for AdSense. In this period, you can establish a solid foundation, stable authority, and organic traffic for your website.

7. Final steps and verification

After ensuring that your website has a solid structure and high-quality content, the next step is to connect it to Google AdSense. You must place the AdSense code on your website using a plugin like “Insert Headers and Footers.” After that, send the request to Google to review it and get approval.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Is Traffic Required for Google AdSense Approval?

Google does not explicitly state the minimum number of visitors required for AdSense approval. However, a website with quality content and a good structure can be approved even with low traffic. Focus on creating valuable content and improving the user experience to increase the chances of approval.

Can I use AdSense on a free WordPress website?

No, AdSense cannot be used on free WordPress sites. It requires a top-level domain that you own and control. In addition, AdSense’s quality requirements for the website’s content and structure must be met to be approved.

How often should I update my website to get AdSense approval?

Regular website updates are essential to maintain AdSense approval. The goal is to publish at least one to two new weekly articles that provide readers value and comply with AdSense guidelines. Avoid duplicate content, excessive disclaimers, and thin content.

Is a social media blog presence necessary for AdSense approval?

A social media presence is not needed for AdSense approval. However, it can benefit the website as it increases traffic and engagement. 


 AdSense approval for WordPress websites requires a combination of high-quality content, navigation, and website structure that compiles Google guidelines.

Additionally, the website content must be unique and valuable to readers, while the website structure must be easy to navigate and user-friendly. 

Following the steps outlined in this article must help you get approved for AdSense and earn money from your website. Maintaining high-quality website design and content creation standards is crucial to monetizing with Google AdSense.

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