How to Remove Category’s Description from the Menu in WordPress

Remove Category’s description

Here is a situation- I came across a few days ago when The main header menu categories appeared with their descriptions on the home page- when using the mega menu. The attached image will show clearly how bad that was looking!

How to hide the category’s description from Manu step by step-by-step guide

Here is a complete process to remove -showing the description of categories on the homepage– without editing any category individually.

1– Open the Dashboard

2-Scroll down to Appearance

3- Open Manus

4- Navigate to the upper right corner and open Screen options

5- Allow Description
6– You will see the description is now showing in categories (added in manu) select each category one by one.

7– Remove the description from here.

 It will not affect the description added on the categories edit page, here it is only about manu.

Follow all steps 1-7 to get your home page with categories manu -without showing descriptions-.It is a very easy and simple process for a WordPress website no coding and editing is required.

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