How to use PayPal to make payments and purchases

How to use PayPal to make payments and purchases

In the digital age, security is essential. Check out a guide with tips on practically using PayPal daily.
PayPal is a digital platform that can be used as a payment method for various purposes, including international purchases. If you want to know more about the service offered by the company, check out this guide on how to use PayPal.

Create a PayPal account.

Access PayPal via the website or app (available for Android or iOS ) and create your account by filling out the form with the requested information. Data such as CPF or CNPJ and telephone numbers must be entered correctly to avoid any problems later.

After registration, a verification email will be sent to the address provided. After validating it, you can use your PayPal account without any problems.

How to add a credit or debit card:

One of the most common ways to use PayPal is to save your cards to use them as a payment method for online services.

To save a card in your digital wallet, go to the PayPal home screen, click on “ Wallet ” and “Add a card.” Enter whether it is credit or debit, and enter the requested information, such as expiration date and security code. 

According to PayPal, confirmation may sometimes be requested to ensure that you are the card owner. Validation is done through a link in the card details section, which you must click to start using the service.

Some observations about linking and using the card on PayPal:

  • Accepted brands: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Hiper, Elo, and Hipercard;
  • If the credit card is not international, it can only be used for purchases in reais;
  • You can link up to eight cards if you are a verified customer.

For the debit feature, the following banks are accepted:

PayPal uses a network of FDIC-insured banks to hold your PayPal balance securely. These banks include Bancorp Bank, Goldman Sachs Bank USA, and Synchrony Bank Wells Fargo. Your funds are spread across these banks for security and FDIC insurance coverage.

How to make purchases and pay with your card:

A safe way to make payments in various ways is to make them through PayPal, as the recipient or website you are paying for will not have access to your card details.

To send a payment, simply click “Send and request” in the top menu and enter the recipient’s email, cell phone, or name.

If you are paying for a service or purchasing online, the website will display the option to purchase via PayPal. When selecting it, you must log in to your account and confirm the payment option.

Only an international account can receive in a currency other than the real for international payments. If the seller has a national account, only payments in reais can be made.

How to use PayPal to receive money:

There are two ways to charge a person with the platform: with a payment link or directly sending a charge via email or cell phone. To pay, the recipient must have a PayPal account and a registered credit or debit card.

It is not possible to receive it via bill, but it is possible to pay in installments, and this involves some fees that must be consulted during the process.

Payments received on PayPal are confirmed within 24 hours in your account. If you notice the “held” status on your payment, there may have been a dispute, complaint, or request for a refund.

Is there a fee for receiving via PayPal?

Yes. If you used PayPal to charge someone, that is, for commercial transactions, you will be charged a fee of 4.79% (about the amount paid) plus a fixed fee of R$0.60 for national businesses. If the operation is international, you will be charged 6.40% + a fixed fee of R$0.60.

What can be paid with PayPal?

It is possible to use the platform for purchases in e-commerces that offer PayPal as a payment method, small entrepreneurs who use their account to generate invoices, or even friends who charge via link and even on platforms such as Uber and 99.

Is there a fee for paying with PayPal?

According to the company, there are no purchases and other commercial transaction fees, except when currency conversion is involved.

Problems with purchasing or paying on PayPal

PayPal offers support if there is a problem with your purchase or payment, requesting a refund or cancellation. You must open a complaint or dispute with the Resolution Center to begin the help process.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. You can delete a PayPal account if it does not meet your expectations and needs.

Why is my PayPal card invalid?

There are a few reasons why a card might be invalid:

1- The card number is ‘incorrect.’
2- The expiration date is invalid.
3- The CVV code is incorrect.
4- PayPal card is linked to a bank account or does not have sufficient funds
5-Security Restrictions

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