Israeli Bombing: Palestinian Journalist Motaz Azaiza Discovers His Family Members Under Attack During Coverage

Moataz Azaiza, photographer and Arab(Palestine) journalist is one of the most influential figures currently in social media, publishing videos and photos on the bitter reality despite the psychological and physical fatigue and the recognition that it is possible to witness it at any moment. The smile is always on his face, and it conveys the truth as it is.

Since the beginning of the Israel-Gaza conflict, he has captured images of the violence and relayed them to his more than nine million followers on Instagram.

Palestinian journalist Motaz Azaiza visited his house during the coverage

Motaz was on his way to report on Israel’s latest airstrikes in the Gaza Strip when he received the news that the attack had struck his own family, resulting in the loss of 15 of his relatives. The footage captured by Azaiza shows the scale of devastation left in the aftermath of the attack; as rescue teams rushed to the scene searching for survivors and recovering the bodies of the deceased, many of them were burned beyond recognition.

Motaz posted the video with this caption.
“I don’t feel like I’m going to make it to the end, so please forgive me,” Azaiza said in a video last week, echoing the fears of many of his colleagues.

“Motaz Azaiza is Alive:” Gaza’s Mohamed H. Masri

Masri shared an image on his Instagram story with the following caption: “Our friend Motaz Azaiza is fine and well, but he does not have access to the Internet or any means of communication. In fact, communication is missing in all parts of the Gaza Strip.”
Another coworker of Motaz tweeted.
“I have not heard from journalist Motaz Azaiza in Gaza for more than 24 hours. Praying for his safety”.

UPDATE: Motaz is alive and without any connectivity, like the rest of GAZA.

Gaza silence on communication blackout

Israeli Occupation caused a 15-hour communication blackout, leaving the 2.4 million residents of Gaza isolated and deprived of vital information about the bombings and destruction.

This blackout has hindered medical response and increased the likelihood of casualties.

• Motaz Azaiza, a journalist from Palestine, is amongst the few who have been trying to help the world witness this brutality.

With the communication blackout, there are fears that followers may lose access to him or he might get lost in the bombing like other journalists in the area.


Who is Motaz Azaiza?
Moataz Azaiza is a widely-known photographer and Arab journalist. He’s gained a lot of attention on social media for showing challenging real-life scenes through his photos and videos.

Q2: What kind of sacrifices do Ghaza journalists make when covering conflicts? 

Journalists often face physical risks, emotional trauma, and disruptions to their personal lives when covering conflicts. They may be exposed to danger in war zones, and their work can take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being.

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