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Israeli military and intelligence officials got a grasp of a 40-page document describing Hamas’ October 7th military approach more than a year ago. The document explains that “Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago.”


This document was given the secret title of the “Jericho Wall” by the Israeli government. It did not provide a precise date for the attack, but it was clear from comparing it to what happened on October 7 that Hamas carried out the same attack as what was described in the “Jericho Wall.”

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The New York Times said, “Hamas followed this detailed plan.”

According to the document, rockets ought to be fired at the start of the attack, security cameras should be turned off, automated automatic weapons should be placed along the border, and Hamas fighters should be permitted to enter Israel on the paragliders, motorcycles, and bicycles.

The entire event happened on October 7th 2023.

Additionally, Hamas possessed an understanding of Israeli-perceived data, such as:

  • Information concerning the size and position of Israeli military forces.
  • A database of data on Israeli communication centers.
  • Significant Israeli defense installations.

This generated worries that there may have been undermined Israeli security personnel.


Although this 40-page document caused division among Israeli military and intelligence officials, they believed that the attack’s dimension exceeded Hamas’ capability.

Three months before the incident, in July of this year, an experienced analysts employed by Israel’s Signals Intelligence Agency’s Unit 8200 posted a warning regarding –

*Irrelevant content*

Former members of Israel’s Unit 8200 founded the company that uses this platform to verify the identities of users.

Going back to the subject,

It eventually came to light that Hamas performed training exercises that seemed like those detailed in the Jericho Wall.

The analyst emailed, “I fully deny that this plan is fictitious.”

He stated that the “materials” from the Jericho Wall were in perfect balance with the military exercises conducted by Hamas.

“This is a plan designed to initiate a war,” he stated, “It’s not just an attack on a village.”

The Division’s Israeli Commander, however, disregarded these ideas, claiming that Hamas could never carry out such an exercise and that it was “entirely fictional.”

Egypt Warned Israel Days Before Hamas Attack

Three days ago, Journalists were told by U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Michael McCaul that Egypt had “alerted Israelis just three days ago that something might happen.”

“I want to delve deeper into classified information, but a warning had been issued,” McCaul said.

Moreover, an Egyptian intelligence legally binding revealed to AP News that Cairo, Egypt, had warned the Israelis several times about a planned “significant” action.

“We told them there is going to be a major explosion in the situation. However, they sought to minimize those alerts,” the government spokesperson stated.

Netanyahu identified it as “completely false” and denied having any meetings about such warnings.

Possible Insider Trading

Days prior to October 7th, traders generated millions by selling down stocks.

Bettors who were not identified place wagers against an Israeli stock package a few days prior to the five-day gap.

Robert J. Jackson Jr. and Joshua Mitts of Columbia Law School and New York University School of Law discovered that this action resulted in “significant increases in short selling.”

“Our analysis suggests that informed traders profited from advance knowledge of impending attacks,” Jackson and Mitts wrote.


Following your reading of this, Do you believe that “Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago”, Do you believe that Israel wanted Gaza to be removed because it was aware of Hamas’s schemes and wanted them to succeed?

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