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SRINAGAR: She left everyone shocked; Smriti Zubin Irani, Union Minister for Girls and Kids Improvement and Minority Affairs, together with V Muraleedharan, the minister of State for Exterior Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs, set off on a historical visit to Medina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This historical transfer demonstrates the unique nature of the relationship between India and Saudi Arabia.

Smriti Irani tweeted:

“Took a historic journey to Madinah at this time, one of Islam’s holiest cities included a visit to the mountain of Uhud, the periphery of the Quba Mosque—the main mosque of Islam—and the periphery of the revered Prophet’s mosque, Al Masjid Al Nabwi,” 

Smriti Irani tweeted: The significance of the tour to these places courtesy Saudi officials, interweave with early Islamic history, underscores the depth of our cultural and spiritual engagement.”

Bilateral settlement at Jeddah

By the bilateral settlement that the two countries signed on January 7, 2024, New Delhi has been given a quota of 1,75,025 pilgrims for the every year Haj in 2024.

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The delegation also had stimulating talks with participants of the Indian Diaspora, including committed Haj volunteers and organizations.

Effective discussions have taken place with business leaders from Saudi Arabia and India, emphasizing the crucial role that financial connections play in promoting strong bilateral ties. Furthermore, the minister went to the UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site of Al-Balad, the historic center of Jeddah.

Being the town in which the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) moved to establish the Islamic Hijra calendar, Madinah has significant religious significance for Muslims all over the world.

But a question arises, “Can a Non-Muslim be allowed to enter Madinah?”

Visiting Medina as Non-Muslim

Saudi Arabia is a place that has been inaccessible for many years, but in 2019, the country, which was closed to tourism for many years, has now opened it to more than 40 nations of the world.

Before 2019, it was banned for women who used to come with a mahram to Makkah or Madinah for Umrah/Hajj. But now they can come alone in their abaya or niqab, etc.

Madinah is the holiest city in Islam but it is not exactly a visiting place for a tourist.

Who is Smriti Irani?

She’s an actress, fashion model, and television producer, “Smriti Zubin Irani” is an “Indian politician”. She was designated as Minister of Minority Affairs in 2022 and Minister of Women and Child Development in 2019. 

Smriti Irani Age:

About “Smriti Irani Age”, was born in 1976 & is now 47 years old.

Smriti Irani Miss India

“Smriti Irani Miss India”, does have an interesting relationship! It’s what I found out:

Smriti Irani participated in the 1998 Miss India competition, but she couldn’t be prepared to place in the top 9. Although she did not win the crown, the event was a turning point in her work life. It gave her exposure and aided in her entry into the film, television, and modeling industries.

Smriti Irani Young:

Smriti Irani currently holds the youngest position in the Cabinet of Narendra Modi. She is also the first woman to hold office as the Union Minister for Human Resource Development as well as the Union Minister of Textiles.

FAQs regarding Smriti Irani’s visits to Madina after signing a bilateral settlement at Jeddah

1. Why did Smriti Irani visit Medina, Saudi Arabia?

To strengthen the special bond that exists between India and Saudi Arabia, Smriti Irani visited Medina on a tour with V Muraleedharan, the Minister of State for External Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs. Significant locations visited during the tour included the Quba Mosque, the Mount of Uhud, and Al Masjid Al Nabwi, the Prophet’s mosque.

2. What bilateral settlement was signed in Jeddah on January 7, 2024?

A bilateral agreement between Saudi Arabia and India gave New Delhi a quota of 1,75,025 pilgrims for the yearly Haj in 2024.

3. Did Smriti Irani engage in discussions during the visit?

Yes, the delegation had fruitful conversations with people and groups from the Indian diaspora, including volunteers and organizers from the Haj. Conversations with popular business figures from Saudi Arabia and India demonstrated the critical function of economic linkages in cultivating robust bilateral relations.

4. Can Non-Muslims visit Medina?

Saudi Arabia has welcomed tourists from more than 40 countries since 2019. Although Medina is welcoming of non-Muslims, it’s crucial to remember that the city is not a common attraction for tourists and has great religious significance for Muslims worldwide.

5. Who is Smriti Irani?

Indian politician Smriti Zubin Irani is the Union Minister for Minority Affairs and Women and Child Development at this time. Furthermore, she has served as Minister of Human Resource Development. She worked as an actor, fashion model, and television producer before going into politics.

6. What is Smriti Irani’s age?

   “Smriti Irani” was born in 1976, making her 47 years old as of now.

7. Did Smriti Irani participate in Miss India?

Smriti Irani truly took part in the 1998 Miss India pageant. Despite her lack of success, competing marked a significant milestone in her career by giving her visibility and opening doors for her to enter the television, film, and modeling industries.

8. What is Smriti Irani’s role in the Cabinet of Narendra Modi?

Currently working as the Union Minister for Minority Affairs and Women and Child Development is Smriti Irani. Additionally, she is the first female to have held the position of both the Union Minister of Textiles and the Union Minister for Human Resource Development.

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