Top 20 Technology Trends for 2024: BMW Dominates, Tesla Surges, Nokia’s Comeback, and More

  1. BMW maintains its position as the top premium brand worldwide, surpassing Mercedes and Audi, while Tesla’s sales surged by 92%.
  1. HMD introduces a new phone under its brand, equipped with a 108MP camera, replacing Nokia.
  1. Tesla’s electric car is hacked twice, resulting in a $200,000 reward in a cybersecurity competition.
  1. Detroit installs the first wireless electric road in the US.
  1. Lenovo’s Transparent Laptop Concept Revealed at MWC 2024
  1. Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses upgraded to Version 2 with improved camera performance and global volume control
  1. Hackers can capture real-time video from another person’s camera through walls
  1. The first silent mask in the world enables private phone calls in public
  1. OpenAl introduces a new memory feature for ChatGPT enabling it to remember and forget information as instructed
  1. Samsung Introduces Wi-Fi Call Recording in Latest Galaxy S24 Update
  1. Nokia Prepares Major Comeback, 17 New Smartphones Revealed
  1. Google One Hits 100 Million Users, Launches $100/Year Al Premium Plan
  1. JAC Motors Unveils First Mass-Produced Electric Vehicle with Lithium-free Sodium-Ion Battery
  1. NASA’s rover found an ancient lake on Mars that may have indications of past life on the planet
  1. Elon Musk claims that even if someone was born blind, Neuralink could restore their vision
  1. Electric Shock to Brain Can Improve Math Skills for Six Months, Study Finds
  1. The iOS 18 update is Rumored to be the largest software update for iPhones
  1. Pakistan plans to introduce 5G services by July-August 2024.
  1. MWM Spartan 2.0 is a cost-effective electric car that resembles a G Wagon
  1. Google and Samsung have released their version of AirDrop for Android devices

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