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Mahdi Al-Mashat Responded;

YEMENI HOUTHI: We in the Republic of Yemen are a people of forty million fighters, ready to go into battle. And the army is nothing but the vanguard of this great people.

The leader of ”YEMENI HOUTHI” has said: 

“The bloodshed of the martyrs of the naval forces launched a new battle with the American enemy, and the response to it will necessarily come.”

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This battle dramatically opens the horizon for us at the national and regional levels and in the region in general.

Defending the injustice practiced against our people in Gaza is one of the best jihads for the sake of God, and we cannot stop doing that.

Our humanitarian, faith, moral, and political responsibility obligates us to support our people in Palestine.

Zionist Entity’s Red Sea Passage Denied:

Any ship linked to the Zionist entity will not pass through the “Red Sea,” no matter the cost.

Preventing the navigation of the Zionist enemy is a Yemeni option to impose peace and a decent life for our people in Gaza.

Defending the Oppressed Against U.S.-Backed Zionists

If the American is committed to protecting the Zionist entity, then we are committed to protecting the oppressed servants of God on this land.

The American talks about peace, and he is the one pushing for war. And the one who dropped three Security Council resolutions to stop the war on Gaza.

The Houthis added:

“Peace is achieved beginning with stopping the daily crimes in Gaza and stopping the Zionist aggression and the American terrorism that supports it.”

Why the above statements were made? 

Here are the details:

Palestinians Rebury Bodies Exhumed from Gaza Cemetery

Palestinians rebury bodies ungraved from Gaza cemetery.

GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territory: Deprived Palestinians on Saturday reburied bodies ungraved from a cemetery in Gaza City. In that location, the Israeli army has been leading a ground operation against Hamas militants since late October.

Footage from the “Al-Tuffah” community cemetery showed bodies arranged on soil hills, wrapped in bags.

The video showed additional dead scattered around broken-up graveyards while a dozen men wearing masks dug them again with shovels.

Israeli Terrorists Had Stolen Bodies from the Graveyard: 

On Saturday, Hamas claimed that the Israeli military had “stolen 150 bodies that were recently buried martyrs” and “destroyed 1,100 graves” at the cemetery.

The Israeli army declined to comment further when AFP contacted them. And they were investigating the claims.

One of the locals reburying the bodies, Aliwa, said, “We were surprised to see the bodies removed” on Saturday morning. He refused to reveal his real name.

He accused the Israeli army of “running over bodies” with a “bulldozer” without providing any proof.

There were what showed up to be track marks in the dirt close to the graves.

Only a “small number” of the bodies were previously identified. He added, adding, “We are currently retrieving the corpses present in the cemetery.”

AFP about October 7: 

According to an AFP tally based on government statistics, The war started on “October 7, 2023” with an uncommon Hamas attack on southern Israel that claimed about 1,140 Israeli lives, most of them civilians.

Moreover, Israel claims that militants took about 250 hostages, 132 in captivity.

As per the Health Ministry of Gaza (which Hamas controls), Israel replied by bombarding the area and deploying ground forces, killing at least 22,722 people. And in that killing, the vast majority of whom were women and children.

FAQs on the Yemeni Houthi’s Official Statement:

Q: What encouraged the official statement from the Houthi group in Yemen?

A: It seems that the statement is in response to two significant developments:

  • Israeli ground operation in Gaza: The statement communicates support for the Palestinian people while pointing out the current Israeli military operation in Gaza.
  • Alleged Israeli the destruction of a cemetery in Gaza: This statement expressly denounces what is said to be the Israeli army’s removal of Palestinian bodies from a graveyard in Gaza City.

Q: Which of the statement’s primary arguments are these?

A: Israeli aggression in Gaza is strongly condemned in the statement, which also charges Israel with war crimes and crimes.

  • Encouragement of Palestinian resistance: The declaration shows endorsement for the Palestinian people’s right to resist Israeli occupation.
  • Danger of vengeance against Israel: The statement issues a warning about a possible Yemeni reaction to the Israeli actions in Gaza and makes the threat to prevent any ships related to Israel from passing through the Red Sea.
  • The justification for Yemen’s involvement: Yemen is obligated by religion and morality to defend those who are oppressed, which includes the Palestinian people.

Q: What possible impacts does the statement have?

  • Escalation of conflict: The language and threats in the statement may lead to an increase in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Tensions in the region: The statement’s highlight of denying Israeli ships passage in the Red Sea may cause tensions in the region and possibly affect maritime trade.
  • Humanitarian concerns: The reported collapse of Gaza’s cemetery prompts questions about how Palestinian civilians were treated during the fighting.

Also, tell us your opinions about this matter: “Palestinians rebury bodies ungraved from Gaza cemetery”.

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